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Old American Lumber

1218 South Duncan Bypass
Union, SC 29379
Web: http://www.oldamericanlumber.net/
Email: old@bellsouth.net
Phone: 864-427-3193
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Old American Lumber Specializations
  • Reclaimed Wood Products - With the ranging sizes of reclaimed boards, beams and siding a wide variety of looks and products are available and used in projects. From the exterior siding of a house, structural beams or tables, reclaimed wood products are a great sustainable option with a story to tell.
  • Reclaimed Wood Wholesale - Levels of pricing and negotiation in the purchase of a structure or sale to a company that process reclaimed wood. Suppliers of reclaimed wood often call on companies who sell reclaimed wood to keep their inventory moving. High volumes of reclaimed wood products such as flooring can also be found at wholesale prices.
  • Reclaimed Wood Beams - Larger stature pieces of wood ranging from 4 x 4" to 24" x 24". Reclaimed wood beams have different surface textures such as hand hewn
  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Reclaimed wood flooring is made from wood reclaimed from old barns and buildings. Reclaimed wood flooring can be milled with multiple edge profiles. Tongue and groove and ship lap are two of the most common edge profiles for reclaimed wood flooring and paneling.
  • Reclaimed Barn Siding - Weathered boards that were used on the exterior side of a barn. Reclaimed barn siding is sold in multiple colors such red, white, grey and brown.