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You want to earn top dollar for your reclaimed wood, right? But what is it worth?

Supply and demand in the reclaimed wood world is ever-changing, so it's hard to tell exactly what it's worth. That's why we are here - to help you earn top dollar.

Please review these Reclaimed Wood Exchange videos and learn how to prepare, package, and promote your reclaimed wood using the Reclaimed Wood Exchange.

The Reclaimed Wood Exchange was designed to be your reclaimed wood promotion engine whether you are "Joe Farmer" with a barn on the property, or you are a company invested in the reclaimed wood industry. To begin:

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Then upload photos of your wood and wait for the inquires to begin.

If you want to dig in a little further to the reclaimed wood world, please checkout our reclaimed wood faqs to learn more details about reclaimed wood. There's also our list of reclaimed wood species which lists photos and descriptions about each specie. We've assembled a giant reclaimed wood glossary of terms, so if you come across terminology that's foreign, look it up. There's also a complete list of reclaimed wood types that are accepted on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange.

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