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Bundled Hardwood Furniture

Price: $250.00

In Stock

66 Quantity Hardwood Furniture Located in Chattanooga, TN

Condition - Bundled

Description - Moving to NYC and have to sell my woodworking stuff ASAP! I have 66 board feet of premium stain grade 2 inch poplar from Chattanooga hardwood center for which I originally paid over $250 PLUS a bunch of cleaned up hart pine which I salvaged and hand-milled white oak. There are also some other random 2x4s and things if you want em. Sorry the photos are limited I haven’t pulled everything out of the shed to get images.I also have a Rigid Table saw and some other tools I want to sell if you are interested m but I have not made a separate listing yet.# Lumber reclaimed furniture grade paint grade trim antique pine seasoned

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