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Bundled Hardwood Furniture

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196 Quantity Hardwood Furniture Located in Reno, NV

Condition - Bundled

Description - Custom furniture shop with various salvaged slabs and reclaimed wood lumber available. Perfect for woodworking furniture making and DIY projects.The slab in the 1st photo is an example of a finished slab from the same tree as the piece that is available. The 2nd image attached is the slab that is available. The slabs in photos 3-5 are examples of finished slabs from the same tree as the piece that is available.Raw Measurements: 52"L x up to 14"D x 1.5"thickThe wood is "raw" and rough but has been leveled and had resin work done as well as a 80-grit sand and just needs to be finish sanded and sealed.Tags: reclaimed lumber woodworking furniture raw materials building materials scrap wood wood cutoffs slab wood slab cutoffs salvaged wood

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