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How to create an account on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

From the home page, select the account link from the main navigation bar then click create. You will then see a simple form to fill out where you can create a username and a password. See image below.

Enter all the details and for city and state where you live, then click the create user button. Open the welcome email you receive from the Reclaimed Wood Exchange and click the validate button to validate your account. This must be done before you can login and post listings. Once logged in, a welcome back message and your username will be visible on the top right of the screen.

This process should only take 2 minutes.

How to add a listing on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

To add a listing on the Reclaimed wood Exchange you will need to create an account, enter details about your wood, and upload images of the reclaimed wood you are looking to sell. See image below.

From most smart phones or tablets you can use your camera to easily capture quality photos of your product/material. Images help provide visual details about your reclaimed wood that are important to buyers and sellers. Please upload as many images as necessary. There are no limits in the number of images per listing you may post on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange.

Login to the reclaimed wood exchange and select listings then add listing.

Select quantity, species and describe your product/material. Be sure to enter species, type, condition, and enter a price you’d like per board foot. Lengths should be averaged down to the nearest foot in length.

Once you have selected save, your listing will appear and you then have the option to turn your listing on or off.

This process should take less than 3 minutes.

How do I edit my listing on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

Login, Go to My Listings - Your Wood, then to edit your listing, please click the X next to the listing you wish to delete and next re-add it with your changes.

This process takes less than 1 minute.

How do I search listings to locate material on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

Select Listing from the main navigation bar, then select For Sale. You will also see drop down boxes that will allow you to search by size, species, state, and type. To search, select options from the drop downs, and click the search button.

Once results are present, you may select the description hyperlink or image thumbnail to be able to view the listing as well as see the price of the material and contact the seller. Simple and efficient!

This process should take less than 3 minutes

How do I contact buyers on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

Buyer should see your listing as well as images of material for sale and will select the contact seller button to contact you via email. Once the buyer has initiated a communication, it’s your choice to respond via email or give the buyer an option to call you with a phone number? Any form of communication is encouraged after starting with email.

This process can be slow or fast based on the motivation of the seller

How do I contact a seller on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange?

After going to the listings page and searching for wood that you’d like to purchase, select the description hyperlink or image thumbnail. You will then see an image carousel of the material so that you can check out the wood and hopefully get some questions answered?

If you are interested in the wood and wood like to contact the seller about purchasing, select the contact seller button.

You will then be asked for your name and email address as well as be prompted with 1 of 3 questions?

If you want to offer asking price, select that option. If you want to offer a different price, please select an offer value and submit to the seller.

The last option is to email a question about the listing to the seller. You can only select one option and a message will be sent to the seller via email.

This process can be slow or fast based on the motivation of the seller