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The Reclaimed Wood Exchange (RWE) is a one stop shop for buyers and sellers in the reclaimed wood / salvage industry. Antique lumber is a limited resource so when harvesting reclaimed wood, proper procedures need to be followed so the product’s maximum value is retained. Take a look at the Reclaimed Wood How-To Videos to learn more about standard processes in the industry.

Mobile devices and smartphones are becoming more common, so the Reclaimed Wood Exchange has been developed with that in mind. Our website was designed to make it easy for account holders to upload photos of material for sale, post a listing - from a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. Reclaimed wood products are separated into Wanted listings (think wanted ads) and For Sale listings. Wanted listings have been very helpful for those trying to find high volumes of reclaimed wood or a particular type, size or specie of salvage lumber.

Just a few requirements are necessary to post listings on the Reclaimed Wood Exchange - species, board feet, price, & desc. You can enter as many listings as you desire, but be sure to turn off listings when they are not active. All listings must include at least one photo of the reclaimed wood for sale. Please watch our how-to videos or see the help section to better understand how simple it can be to create an account and upload your photos using your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

To become a supplier, complete the reclaimed wood supplier contact form and let us help you promote your reclaimed wood products and company. When you have a Reclaimed Wood Exchange Account and your company is listed, your product listings will be conveniently located on your supplier page, too. A Reclaimed Wood Exchange supplier page includes your company logos, business name, business address, website address, email address, business phone, Facebook link and Reclaimed Wood Exchange moderated customer reviews. There’s even a Google Map to help customers wanting to shop local.

  • Free, For Sale/Wanted Listings
  • For Sale Listings Include Unlimited Number of Images
  • Private Email, SMS Txt Message from Prospective Sellers and Buyers
  • Listing Management Tools
  • Supplier Listings - Show Your "Live" Inventory On Your Supplier Profile Page
  • System Designed For Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
  • Simple, Powerful Searching System
  • Access To Thousands Of Customers

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The Reclaimed Wood Exchange was created to make it easier to allow people to get behind recycling more! We need more alternatives than land fills.

The Reclaimed Wood Exchange now include some specialized tools to make the recycling world even better. There's also a new section for Reclaimed Wood Furniture. The furniture is so beautiful to look at. There's a story behind it and that's what makes it more interesting than something you would purchase at your local furniture store.

Please enjoy the website and provide any feedback to connor@reclaimedwoodex.com.

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